Kilens Hembygdsgård in Sideby, Kristinestad is a comprehensive museum and leisure area where you can experience beautiful nature. The area is situated close to a place that was used for fishing in old times, next to the coast of the sea Bottenhavet. The museums in the area represent farmer- fishing- and peasantry culture and mediate the knowledge of formers generations' life style.

In the summer Kilen is a place to gather for events. During the summer different happenings as the Handicraft Day, Childrens' Day, Green Sunday, trips back in time and 18th century treats are organized. “Surströmmingspremiär” is also organized every summer and during this event a special dish, herring that has fermented, is served. In addition to the events organized by Kilen, organizations use it as a place for gatherings and it is also used for private parties as weddings, meetings and seminaries.

More about the Kilen in swedish.

Guided tours are available upon request, info@kilen.fi or 040 684 5080.


Opening hours for Restaurant and Museum 2018:

Museum opening hours

June Tuesday - Sunday 12-16
July: Tuesday-Friday  10-16 and Saturday-Sunday 12-16

August (until 12.8): Tuesday-Sunday 12-16


Restaurant opening hours:
June: Saturday - Sunday 12.00-17.00
July: Monday-Friday 11.00-17.00 (11 am to 5 pm)

and Saturday - Sunday 12:00-17:00 (12 pm to 5 pm)

August : Saturday - Sunday 12.00-17.00 (11 am to 5 pm)


Kilen also has a hostel with 8 apartments and 5-6 beds in each of them. There is also a camping place for caravans and a guest harbour for boats.

See Accommodation for further information!


Contact us:
+358 (0)40 684 5080



Kilens Hembygdsgård, Kilvägen 90, 64490 Sideby, info@kilen.fi