Welcome to Kilen!

Our unique museum area - a small oasis by the sea.


Opening hours of Kilen 2024


We open up the museums and the restaurant again in summer 2024.

Guests to our guesthouse and campers are welcome for bookings from 1.5.2024.



Welcome to Kilen!

Kilens Hembygdsgård in Sideby, Kristinestad is a comprehensive museum and leisure area where you can experience beautiful nature. The area is situated close to a place that was used for fishing in old times, next to the coast of the sea Bottenhavet. The museums in the area represent farmer- fishing- and peasantry culture and mediate the knowledge of former generations lifestyle.

In the summer Kilen is a place to gather for events. In addition to the events organized by Kilen, organizations use it as a place for gatherings and it is also used for private parties as weddings, meetings and seminars.

We follow the principles of sustainablity:
We want to be sustainable in ecological, cultural and social aspects respecting the local community and heritage. We respect and take care of environmental issues in our museums and surrounding landscape.